Engineering Innovation

Super-Edge™ Continuous Helicoid Flighting

Selected Lenham Flight Machines can be built to incorporate our Super-Edge™ process (subject to licensed manufacturing agreement).

Our new manufacturing method has been developed to resist the concentration of wear at the outer edge which governs the working life of all continuous helicoid flighting.

Super-Edge™ continuous helicoid flighting has an outer edge that is 30% – 50% thicker than conventional helicoid flighting without any additional raw material being consumed.

Since no additional raw material is required, there is no increase in weight. Super-Edge™ flighting can therefore replace Conventional flighting with no change in design or power requirement. The major thickness gain is clearly visible and offers an obvious selling advantage.

Super-Edge™ flighting is specified by numerous major manufacturers of agricultural and industrial machinery.

Super-Edge™ is the ESSENTIAL component of higher quality augers.

Important advance in wear resistance


Major sales feature


Clearly visible benefit for auger users


No increase in weight or raw material

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