The Lenham Process

Lenham Machinery

Cold-Rolling Process

The unique design and construction of Lenham Flight-Forming Machines is based upon over 50 years of experience in the specialised field of precision cold-rolling of continuous helicoid flighting. Our process is used in around 25 countries and is the principal international manufacturing method.

Our machines provide a wide range of flighting for use in agricultural and industrial conveying and processing applications both in mild and stainless steel.

Lenham continuous helicoid flighting is formed by passing metal strip from coil stock between conical forming rolls. By roll adjustment and the inter-action of various ancillary controls, the flighting is produced with a smooth, clean surface; a high standard of dimensional accuracy and an improved hardness from our cold rolling process.

Our efforts to increase the working life of continuous fighting (which sustains greatest wear at the outer edge) has led us to develop a unique method for production of continuous helicoid fighting which has a thickened outer edge.

This we have trade-named Super-Edge™ and it provides 30% – 50% additional thickness at the outer edge of the fighting compared with conventional flighting with NO INCREASE IN RAW MATERIAL.

All Lenham models offer high speed fighting production, and an excellent standard of quality and dimensional accuracy. Robust construction allows continuous 24 hour operation and maintenance requirements are minimal.

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