Conventional Helicoid

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Continuous Conventional Helicoid Flighting

Lenham Flight-Forming Machines produce conventional continuous helicoid flighting with a smooth, even taper from the inner to the outer edge.

The thickness at the outer edge is typically 50% of the original raw material thickness.

The following types of conventional helicoid flighting can be produced on all Lenham Flight Machines:

Spiral Direction
Left hand or Right hand

Standard Pitch
Where the outer diameter dimension is equal to the pitch dimension

Short Pitch
Where the pitch dimension is less than the outer diameter dimension

Long Pitch
Where the pitch dimension exceeds the outer diameter dimension

Ribbon Flight
Where flighting has a large inner diameter using a narrow width of raw material

Cupped Flight
Where the working surface of the flighting is angled from perpendicular in the direction of conveying

Stainless Flight
Stainless flighting as per grades recommended by Lenham can be rolled on Lenham machines although the scope and range of sizes are limited

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