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Leading the Way in Flight-Forming

Since our establishment in 1970, Lenham Machinery has been dedicated to designing and constructing flight-forming machinery. With more than five decades of experience and expertise, we have become the recognised leader in continuous flight-forming technology.

Highest quality

Cutting-Edge Flighting Solutions

With Lenham’s cutting-edge technology and dedication to meeting diverse customer needs, we continue to provide reliable and efficient solutions for flight-forming requirements.

Our expertise in mild steel and stainless steel flighting ensures our customers receive the highest quality products tailored to their specific applications.

By choosing Lenham, you can trust our proven track record of delivering exceptional flight-forming solutions that meet the highest performance and reliability standards.

Engineering Innovation


Our efforts to increase the working life of continuous flighting have led us to develop a unique method for producing continuous helicoid flighting with a thickened outer edge.

This method we have trade-named Super-Edge™.

Super-Edge™ provides 30% – 50% additional thickness at the outer edge of the flighting compared with conventional flighting with NO INCREASE IN RAW MATERIAL.

Continuous Flighting

Conventional Helicoid

Our Flight-Forming Machines produce Conventional Continuous Helicoid Flighting with a smooth, even taper from the inner to the outer edge.

The thickness at the outer edge is typically 50% of the original raw material thickness.

World leading

Cold-Rolling Process

Precision cold-rolling of continuous helicoid flighting is a specialised field. More than 50 years of experience go into our Flight-Forming Machines’ unique design and construction.

Our process is used in around 25 countries and is the principal international manufacturing method.

Engineering performance & reliability

Production Machines

Lenham Flight-Forming Machines offer high-speed performance and are designed to provide commercial production of a wide range of continuous helicoid fighting.

The robust construction of our machines ensures complete reliability, and they are suitable for non-stop 24 hours per day working.

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